Are you a student organization who needs sponsorship?

The Reveille Club of Houston is a business networking group of Texas Aggies. Our purpose is to promote Aggies doing business with Aggies and to provide financial support to student organizations and activities at Texas A&M University.


1) TRAVEL Costs

2) Religious Groups


Please submit funding requests a minimum of TWO MONTHS before the start of the event.

If your group, club or organization would like consideration of financial support from The Reveille Club, please complete the application provided herein, including a detailed budget indicating your specific income, expenses and other sources of funding. Our current standard donations start at $250.

Information you need to provide includes:

  • Name of your organization

  • Statement of your organization's purpose or goal

  • Name of the event or program for which you need funding

  • Date of the event or program

  • Name, e-mail address, phone number and address of a Contact Person for your club

  • How will you recognize the Reveille Club's donation.

  • Your club's detailed budget, either annual or for the particular event in which funding is being requested. Please be specific as to your club's budget by outlining actual and contemplated costs and revenue as they are considered in the approval process. For example outline your specific expenses and revenue including, but not limited to shirt costs $X, media $X, food $X, room fees $X, student fees $X, donations $X and fund raisers $X. (Note: Lack of a detailed budget may result in your request being denied.)

  • The number of active members in your organization

  • Before submitting your funding request, please proof it for correct spelling and proper use of grammar as they affect whether the funding request is approved.

The Reveille Club of Houston's Board of Directors meets monthly. All complete, submitted requests will be considered.

If, in its sole discretion, The Reveille Club approves the funding requests, you will be notified of the results. Only recognized Texas A&M student groups in good standing are eligible to be approved for funding.

A member from your club or organization must attend a Reveille Club scheduled meeting to pick up your check and briefly describe your group's activities or purpose. An organization has 90 days from the time it receives notification of its approved funding in order to pick up its donation. Please understand that The Reveille Club receives a large number of funding requests each month and money that is not claimed within the 90 day period will be forfeited and considered as funds available for new funding requests.

* Each approved organization is required to provide The Reveille Club with a picture of the event/group, a copy of the marketing material and the website link recognizing The Reveille Club's sponsorship of your group and/or event.

Only one funding request per group may be approved each calendar year.

We are excited to help our fellow Aggies! Please fill out the form below if you are interested and fit the criteria listed above.

Form to Request Funding for Student Organizations